Renew with Insight: Your Next Mortgage Chapter Begins Here

As pivotal as your first mortgage, renewing comes with its unique set of opportunities. With grown equity and a lowered principal, you’re primed to negotiate better terms. Yet, many overlook this chance, settling for less-than-ideal rates. Let’s change that narrative. Embrace this moment to re-evaluate, reassess, and renew with a tailored approach. Reach out before you re-sign, and let Tisha’s seasoned guidance pave the way for optimal renewal choices. Your future self will thank you.

The Art of Mortgage Renewal: Seizing Your Financial Moment

Renewing your mortgage is as important a financial decision as selecting your first one.

While renewing your mortgage, you are in a stronger financial position as compared to where you were before. Your home equity grows over a period of time and by decreasing your principal loan balance, you are in a good position to negotiate. However, many prefer to just sign their existing mortgage renewal form without trying to get a good deal on the new mortgage. This could result in a higher rate and a mortgage package that does not cater to your individual needs.

With every mortgage renewal comes the opportunity to reflect and assess your mortgage needs before you decide on a new mortgage product. Your current lender will mail your mortgage renewal agreement at least 30 days prior to maturity. This is the perfect time to ask me for advice. I am committed to helping you make the right decision!

Renewal - Brantford & Brant County